How to Earn Money by Writing Short Stories

Blogging comes at first when we talk about making money online. But most of the blogs are mainly based on niches like health, fitness, online marketing, etc. But all of these niches need tremendous knowledge and experience, which is impossible for every writer.

What if I say you can still make money with your writing by creating short stories? Yes! Short stories. With this, you can make big bucks for your living.

Talking about making money with short stories, let’s look at all of the given options in this blog post.

What Exactly Are Short Stories?

A short story is a complete story shorter than the stories published in a novel. These short stories can be easily read and completed within just a single sitting.

Short stories focus basically on the incidents that are bigger or smaller. Even more, it tries to evoke strong feelings from its readers. Sometimes short stories might also consist of a few characters in the plot.

Features of a Short Story

It is a short narrative-type story and consists of features and literature tools, like exposition, complication, crisis, climax, and resolution. It doesn’t seem necessary that all short stories follow the given same patterns.

Due to its shorter length, a short story usually focuses on one plot, one main character (along with a few additional minor characters sometimes). But keep in mind that it has only one central theme, whereas a novel can tackle multiple plots and themes with various main characters.

How Writing Short Stories Make Money?

Most websites that publish short stories make money by showing ads to their audience. Also, some may introduce a paid subscription plan for their audience.

It may be seen as some of the short stories publishing websites selling their own products while some websites earn money by selling eBooks on their website with exclusive short stories that are not available.

Most authors write short stories to magazines that publish short stories like Asimov’s, Ellery Queen, and Woman’s World. All of these magazines still pay top dollar for genre stories.

After knowing the basics of short stories, we will now explore some of the best ways to earn money. So you can make a better earning for your living. On top of that, most of the author has already made a big profit from writing short stories.

Before exploring each of the ways, make sure you must have at least one or more short story ideas in your mind. It must be engaging and entertaining enough to grab the reader’s attention at each point. Your story must have a proper theme, logical characters, smooth flowing narrative, etc.

Which Short Stores Can Be Written?

If you are ready to make some money by writing short stories, you should know the possible niches you can perform well. This section will show you some of the popular niches you can consider.

  • Parenting
  • Disabled children
  • Pet owners
  • LGBT
  • History
  • Romance

And so on.

Now, let’s see how to earn money by writing short stories.

How to Earn Money By Writing Short Stories – 6 Ways

If you are in a hurry, here’s the summary. Below, we will be talking about

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Starting your own blog
  • Publishing on Medium
  • Publishing on AGNI
  • Publishing on Analog
  • Publishing on Sun Magazine

Let’s keep a closer look at each method.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Publish Your Short Story eBooks on Amazon

Amazon kindle

This can be seen as one of the easiest and quickest ways to make big bucks with your short stories. First, you have to write a series of some of the best short stories (let’s say approx 10 short stories per eBook).

After writing short stories, you have to create an eBook with some of the best ebook maker software. Once you have completed your eBook writing, hire a proofreader and wash out any grammatical or narrative errors from your stories. You can get one from Fiverr.

Now you have a book that is ready to publish. To increase your ebook’s sales on eBook publishing websites, you can design an eye-catchy front cover of your eBook. For this, you can hire a graphic designer from a freelance website.

But keep in mind that you must keep your ebook’s price relevant to your effort and make a better profit with each of your sales. Plus, you need to look at your competitor’s eBooks and keep your pricing accordingly.

Start Your Short Stories Blog and Monetize It

Start a blog in india

This is another option to make money online with your short stories. Talking about its advantage, you won’t have to share the profit with third parties.

But (now talking about a hard way to publish short stories to your website), you have to manage all things to get maximum traffic on your website, such as SEO, content marketing, social media management, etc. In return, you will leave with very little time to write some of the best short stories for your audience.

You can monetize your short stories publishing website in a variety of ways. For example, you can charge your audience a monthly subscription to offer them an exclusive short story.

Besides the subscription model, you can sell your exclusive short stories as an eBook. You can also place relevant advertisements on your short stories website.

Publish Your Short Stories on Medium


Another best gem for short stories writer. This option can be better if you don’t like the idea of focusing on another skill outside content writing.

On Medium, you are free to write on any topic. However, to increase the chance of more earning and traffic on your content, ensure that it’s engaging and worthy of getting shared.

When paid members read your article, you will get earnings. Furthermore, the medium app is also available on iOS and Android, confirming that you will get the maximum traffic from different digital platforms.

Submit Your Stories To AGNI

Agni online

Get Your Science Fiction Published on Analog

Analog magazine

Analog offers one of the best publishing platforms to submit their science fiction stories for all science enthusiasts who want to make money with their short science fiction stories.

But keep in mind that Analog will only accept professional and realistic scientific stories. And you can also submit an illustration with your work as most writers do, but the illustration should be visually appealing and related to your story. You can submit your work through their online portal.

You will only get paid once your stories get accepted. Analog typically pays 8-10 cents per word for short fiction (up to approximately 20,000 words), 6 cents per word for serials (40,000-80,000 words), 9 cents per word for fact articles, and $1 per line poetry. Along with words, they also offer to pay $1200 for colored cover art and $125 for black and white cover. If you are an experienced person, you need to try Analog.

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